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Permission Based Email

Written by Jen Nichol
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Permission based email is an ideal tool with which to approach potential clients. Consumers have become irritated with the traditional, intrusive advertising mediums. Permission based email allows you to leverage both the power of the Internet and the knowledge that you are sending your information to people who are ready and willing to receive it. By engaging in a dialog with consumers, you are building a relationship that they will remember and trust.

With permission based email, you are sending email only to people who want it. This allows potential customers to differentiate your messages from spam, and increases the efficacy of your marketing strategy. Most importantly, you will be listening to the needs of your clients and future clients.

Permission Based Email Creates Sales, Relationships, and Brand Loyalty

Knowing the personal data of your client base is invaluable in the world of business. This information allows you to streamline your marketing approach, to deliver the best service possible, and gain a lifelong client in the process! As the world gets faster and more efficient, consumers want a personal touch, to feel that they are a name, not merely a number.

Email marketing tools like permission based email, group mail software, and online survey tools generate stronger customer interest, repeated Web site visits, and higher return on investment from your marketing efforts. When your clients know that you will treat them as individuals with unique needs, they will feel comfortable committing to your brand. Permission based email results in customer relationships that provide a solid client base, as well as continuing sales and ever-increasing market share.

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