Permission Based Email Marketing

Written by Amy Hall
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Permission based email marketing is the way to go if you want to expand your customer base and increase your bottom-line. If other traditional forms of direct marketing have not worked for you, it is well worth your time to look into optin email marketing. It has proven to be more effective than direct mail marketing and telemarketing combined.

What is permission based email marketing? It's a method of advertising that hones in on a specific demographic segment of the population that has shown a prior interest in receiving marketing information from certain companies. This means that consumers at one time or another filled out some sort of questionaire about their interests, and agreed to receive email from companies that sell goods and services that correspond with these interests.

The Benefits of Permission Based Email Marketing

Permission marketing is a much more effective way to market your products and services. Optin email campaigns only take about one to three days from start to finish to complete, upon which time you could be well on your way to increasing your sales volume. Targeted email lists ensure that you are only sending information out to the people who have expressed an interest in hearing from your company via email.

The general response rate is approximately 10-15%, which can sometimes reach as high as 50%! This is considerably higher than direct mail marketing and telemarketing, and it is much more cost-effective. With optin email marketing, you are able to target the segment of the population who is receptive to hearing from you, which automatically increases your odds of making a sale.

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