Permission Based Marketing

Written by Amy Hall
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Permission based marketing has become the newest trend in direct marketing strategies simply because it has shown a higher rate of success overall. Direct mail marketing and telemarketing have been two methods of direct marketing that have shown discouraging results. Although these methods of advertising continue to be used today, they are not in the forefront of profitable marketing solutions.

There are valid reasons why permission based marketing works, which is why so many companies are changing the way they advertise their goods and services to the public. First and foremost, optin email marketing is precisely targeted to a select group of the population. This means that at one time or another, consumers who make the optin email list for your company, for instance, have either responded to a questionaire about their interests, or have agreed to receive email advertisements from certain companies.

Successful Permission Based Marketing

When consumers have agreed to receive information from your company, and companies similar to yours, this is called permission based email marketing. Let's say for example, that a consumer filled out a questionaire a few months back, and expressed an avid interest in cooking. If you are a company that sells high-end pots and pans, then this consumer would be of interest to you.

It would make sense for you to send an email advertising your cooking products, to any consumer who enjoys cooking and would likely make a purchase from you. This is how targeted email marketing works, and it has elicited great results. For more information about permission marketing, simply click on the link on this page, which will take you directly to our recommended site for direct email marketing.

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