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Permission Based Marketing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Permission based marketing is the modern approach to old-fashioned service. The latest generation of email marketing technology creates an opportunity to send personalized email using buying trends, lifestyle choices, and any other data you keep about your customers. Targeted campaigns generate stronger results through return Web site visits and intense customer interest.

Permission Based Marketing Lets Your Company Focus Its Efforts on Potential Customers

By sending email to consumers who have shown an interest in your brand or product, you increase the value of your list. When clients know that they have a willing ear, they will let you know exactly what they need, what they are looking for in products and services. The sheer scale of the modern marketplace can be daunting to the consumer, but they are engaged in a dialog with your company, they will give your brand first opportunity to cater to their needs.

In today's competitive environment, a working relationship with your customers is an investment in your business. As the marketplace is overwhelmed with products, they will return, time and again, to the brand and service they know. Permission based marketing gives you the consumer profiles you need to really create a personal connection.

When your customers realize that your company is a business that caters to their tastes and needs, they will have no reason to go anywhere else! Email marketing software, online survey tools, and strategic branding allow you to focus your energy on the clients who are ready for your product. Focus allows you to capitalize on energy, creativity, and vision, the currency of the new marketplace.

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