Permission Marketing Information

Written by Amy Hall
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If you own a business, you must arm yourself with all the latest permission marketing information you can. Direct marketing has been around for years, but has only produced poor to mediocre results at best. Specifically, we are talking about direct mail marketing and telemarketing methods.

Not only are these methods of direct marketing expensive to carry out, but they produce less than desirable results. In fact, for every 1000 flyers mailed out, only about 10-20 consumers will respond. And the average cost of such a direct mail campaign is between $750 and $1000! That is not very encouraging. And telemarketing is even worse, with consumers being outraged at companies solicitating them at home via the telephone.

Helpful Permission Marketing Information

If you are in business today, you can not afford to dismiss all the helpful permission marketing information available. When consumers put their email addresses on an optin email list, they are essentially giving permission to receive promotional information from companies that sell products that are of interest to them. It's practically a no-brainer to do market your products this way.

Again and again, direct email marketing has proven to be the most effective method of direct marketing. It is cost-effective, and it produces the highest response rate of all other methods of direct marketing. If you would like to learn more, please click on the link on this page which will take you to our recommended site about direct marketing strategies.

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