Permission Marketing Solutions

Written by Amy Hall
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Permission marketing solutions can mean all the difference in terms of your sales volume and your customer growth rate. Direct marketing has been around for ages, but the traditional methods such as direct mail marketing and telemarketing have proven to be discouragingly non-effective. If you are tired of expending time, effort, and money on direct marketing campaigns that don't work, read on.

For starters, optin email marketing seems to work because consumers are much more receptive to it. It it more effective than mail marketing, telemarketing, and banner ads by a long-shot. These days, people spend so much time on the computer, and practically everyone has an email address, that it just makes sense to advertise in this fashion.

Effective Permission Marketing Solutions

It is important to understand that permission marketing solutions work even better than banner ads and pop-ups as well. These types of advertising seem to annoy consumers almost as much as telemarketing campaigns do. People get annoyed when they are trying to read email or surf the Net and pop-ups keep interrupting them.

The solution is optin email lists that can help you send your promotional ads to consumers who have shown an interest in hearing from you. Your have a much better chance at eliciting responses this way, and securing a bigger customer base. You can watch your sales increase, your customers base increase, and your bottom-line increase, all thanks to direct email advertising.

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