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Profile Marketing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Profile marketing makes the most of a company's most valuable asset: consumer data. Tools like permission based email, customer profile surveys, and email marketing services are allowing businesses to create relationships with consumers that can be nurtured for brand loyalty and repeat business. Consumers love to have a go-to brand that fulfills their needs; modern email marketing tools give companies the opportunity to be the preferred provider of goods and services.

Every company knows what its target demographic is. Why, then, waste energy and money on ineffective, mass marketing campaigns? Today's profile marketing tools allow companies to develop campaigns that are perfectly tailored to fit their customers' needs.

Profile Marketing Is Focused and Effective

Consumers want to be heard. Personal data that consumers share with companies, through interactive emails and other marketing tools, provides all the information a company needs to develop more effective products and marketing campaigns. Knowing what one's customers eat, listen to, watch, and do with their spare time creates endless opportunities for product success.

Every bit of information that a consumer shares is a portal into a focused marketing campaign. Surveys, games, email, and other interactive branding products make profile marketing constantly innovative. As consumers grow and change, so can one's products and ones marketing.

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