Targeted Bulk Email

Written by Amy Hall
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Targeted bulk email is directed at a group of consumers who have previously expressed an interest in hearing from companies that sell a particular product or service. If you sell cosmetics and skin care products, you would most likely not want to send your email advertisements to adolescent boys. Likewise, you would want to compile a bulk email list compiled of teenage girls and women of all ages who would be very interested in hearing about your products.

When you stop to think about targeted bulk email marketing, it just makes sense. There is a much greater chance for your success if you send your promotional advertisements only to the consumers who want to hear about it. Why waste time and money sending email ads out to those consumers who could care less about cosmetics and skin care products?

Targeted Bulk Email Will Increase Sales

When you look at direct mail marketing, or even telemarketing, you can clearly see that they are not very effective marketing strategies. Essentially, you end up spending quite a bit of money to put together these advertising campaigns, only to end up with little response. If you have been using these methods of direct marketing, you are probably pretty discouraged by now.

Fear not, because optin email marketing has proven to be more effective, and it costs considerably less to execute this type of campaign. Within three days, you can begin to see results, as you will gain greater consumer responses and higher sales. If this sounds like a good plan to you, why not link up with a bulk email company that can help you get started today?

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