Targeted Direct Email

Written by Amy Hall
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Targeted direct email simply means that a bulk email list has been compiled from consumers who have previously expressed an interest in hearing from companies similar in nature, such as gardening supply companies or sportswear companies. Anyone with an email account has at one time or another been asked to answer some questions regarding optin email campaigns. Let's take a look at how it works.

Let's say you are surfing the Web for a set of new golf clubs, and you stumble upon a few good sites. Many times, there are links on these sites, or questions, asking you if you would be interested in receiving future emails about sales promotions from golf suppliers. If you check off yes, than you basically just put yourself on an optin email list.

Targeted Direct Email Works

When you agree to receive emails from golf supply companies, you can expect to get promotional advertisements in your email inbox from time to time. When you receive these emails, there is usually a link which will take you directly to that company's site. You are never obligated to purchase anything, and at any time you can opt out of being on the targeted direct email list.

Businesses have found that by giving consumers a choice as to whether or not they want to hear from your company, it seems to increase sales. In general, people don't like to feel pressured or be bombarded with advertisements. However, when given a choice, the consumer is more receptive to hearing about what you sell and may just make a purchase.

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