Brand Identity

Written by Linda Alexander
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Brand identity is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, yet it is often understood. Seeing your own marketing strategies over and over again may be boring to you, but your clients don't see them nearly as often as you do. In fact, the more you repeat your message, the more effective it becomes in the marketplace.

Consistency Is the Key to Brand Identity

Many successful brands have used a single identity for years because it works for them, as in the case of many Procter & Gamble products, or the ever popular, "Ho ho ho, Green Giant." Using brand identity consistently helps drive your message further into the client's mind, reinforcing who you are to them. Slogans can help brand positioning by differentiating your products from others that are similar.

With brand identity, having a single focus is critical. You must be clear on what your identity is first, develop a concise message to state your identity, and repeat it over and over and over again. It is tempting to branch out and extend your brand, but be careful not to dilute it. In order to retain its strength and build brand loyalty, you must keep your brand focused.

It is easier to create a new brand than to expand on your current brand. Often, it's better to do this unless the products are closely related and very similar. What are you known for? What is your specialty? Finding the answers to these questions and capitalizing on them can improve your name recognition and your profits.

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