Branding Consultants

Written by Linda Alexander
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Branding consultants are hired for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are called on to solve problems or to provide new insight into a situation. Or they may be needed to fill temporary expert positions, or to provide a fresh perspective on a brand. Generally, you hire branding consultants for their expertise, knowledge, and experience.

When choosing branding consultants, look beyond academic credentials and business experience. In today's changing environment, it's important to make sure they are objective and don't have a hidden agenda. Some consultants have begun to advocate trends and fads, or to accept finder's fees for referring you to certain companies for other services. While you may not mind that, the advice you're receiving is actually biased and that can hurt your brand.

Branding Consultants: On the Cutting Edge or Following Fads?

While you want your consultant to offer the latest thinking and forward-looking advice, planning and precision are equally important. Don't jump on the latest technology bandwagon if it's not going to benefit your customers or your company, for example. Insist on objectivity and thoughtfulness and your company will benefit.

Communicate your objectives clearly to the candidate. Make sure from the outset that they understand your company's needs, where your brand stands now, and what you want to improve about it. Ask about their approaches and methods and make sure you agree with them. If you do this, you improve your chances of having a successful relationship with your consultants.

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Brand Consulting

I am currently in the process of starting my own business and hired a brand consulting firm for some help. They were great. Not only did they provide great tips they also helped me look into the future to see what technologies may become available that I may be able to implement. I would recommend consulting to anyone who has any doubts about their business.