Corporate Identity Brand Building

Written by Linda Alexander
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Corporate identity brand building begins with hiring a professional graphic designer. Even if you have art and design skills, you should still consult with a professional. They know whether a logo design will transfer easily into print or onto a sign. You might come up with a beautiful design that can't be transferred or would cost too much money to be printed.

Before your designer starts picking identity colors or designing a business card, you need a logo. It is the most important design element because it is the basis for all your other marketing materials and the visual by which customers will identify your brand. Your logo should reflect the overall image you want your company to convey, as well as give people an idea of what your company is all about.

Corporate Identity Brand Building on a Budget

Yes, it is possible to take part in corporate identity brand building on a budget. A word mark or "logotype" is much easier for customers to remember than an abstract symbol. In addition, it can save money for small businesses. You won't need to connect the symbol with your business name if you're using a logotype. Thus, customers will retain it longer and be able to recognize it more quickly.

When searching for your corporate identity brand building designer, find a designer who has experience in your field. She or he will be able to translate your ideas into the right look and feel for your industry and increase brand influence. Your designer will also know what colors resonate with your market. A good logo should last at least ten years, so put the money into it and it will pay off down the road as you build brand loyalty.

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