Event Sponsorship Programs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Event sponsorship programs can enhance a company's image and visibility and differentiate the company from competitors. In addition, they can help build relationships with current customers and prospects and allow small companies to compete against bigger companies that have large advertising benefits. Tickets to sponsored events can be used as incentives for customers to attend, or to promote employee and vendor loyalty.

Event sponsorship programs can also boost sales in both long and short term at the same time they improve relationships with the community, and improve the community itself. Nonprofit organizations offer thousands of sponsorships. They help fill the funding void left by the recent decline of available government funds.

Types of Event Sponsorship Programs

Event sponsorship programs differ from advertising, which involves traditional media such as print, TV, or radio. Sponsorship marketing involves active association with the event or organization being sponsored. Usually, it aims to generate awareness and visibility for the company. You can sponsor anything from health fairs to sports events to auctions to local fundraisers.

To get the most for their sponsorship dollars, small companies should seek exclusivity at events. In addition, they should leverage the fringe benefits that come with sponsorships, such as access to an association's mailing list. At smaller events, the big fish in a small pond idea makes dollars go further. Companies should try to be the dominant sponsor at smaller events, if exclusivity cannot be negotiated.

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