Guerilla Advertising

Written by Linda Alexander
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Timing is everything in guerilla advertising. Don't make rookie mistakes--advertise during the peak seasons in your industry. Spend more and do more ads during those times, while advertising less during traditionally slow times of the year. Notice that I said, "advertise less," not "don't advertise." Your message should always be out there, in below-the-line media as well as traditional above-the-line media (press, TV, radio, outdoor ads, and cinema).

Maintain a consistent presence. Consistency is key in marketing and guerilla advertising is no different. To penetrate all the clutter in consumers' minds these days, you have to repeat your message over and over in different media--not only for brand building and name recognition, but also to reinforce your core message.

Guerilla Advertising in Traditional Media

When dealing with print advertising, spend the money and get the largest ad you can afford. Smaller ads are often overlooked, which leads marketers to assume their print ads don't work. They do if people see them! Larger ads also give you more room to tell people about your company and services.

Finally, in guerilla advertising, you should never pay full price. Guerillas know that advertising is a perishable commodity and account execs are eager to sell all they can. Thus, if there is remnant space available right before closing time, you can almost always get a discount on it. Also, agencies typically receive a 15% commission (discount) on their ads. If you are like many small businesses and act as your own agency, there is no reason why you can't take advantage of this discount also.

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