Guerilla Marketing Strategy

Written by Linda Alexander
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Any good online guerilla marketing strategy will incorporate a variety of guerrilla marketing techniques. Before you enter into them, however, be aware that there has been a recent backlash against some guerrilla marketing programs. Some ambush techniques, as well as poster and sticker sniping, have been considered unethical and may even be illegal in some circumstances. Keep that in mind while you plan your guerilla marketing strategy If you're unsure what's legal and what's not, consult your marketing agency.

Guerilla marketing strategies are based on low-cost, high-impact promotions or displays. What could be more low cost than giving away your own product? Readily available and already imprinted with your name and logo, many companies overlook the benefits of using their own products in a contest or promotion. Give away small gifts or amounts of product for free, or have your web visitors enter online to win a larger prize from your company. Another cheap and easy tactic involves using promotional postcards. You don't have to mail them--simply place them in the waiting rooms of restaurants or nightclubs, on local bulletin boards, or other areas that allow you to display your literature for free.

Human Billboards and the Guerilla Marketing Strategy

People have gone as far as painting temporary tattoos on their foreheads or on the heads of bald people to display their marketing message. Why not have some t-shirts, caps, and other clothing or accessories printed up with your logo and slogan? There is no better way to become a household word than by being your own advertisement.

When planning your own guerilla marketing strategy, don't be afraid to use unique or seemingly impossible ideas. For example, try a dose of street theater. In a brilliant move, a particular large gift registry company sent out "wish fairies" who performed random acts of kindness toward holiday shoppers, including giving away free subway rides and carrying shopping bags. This strategy brought in a large amount of publicity, including TV, radio, and print coverage. If you can think of a way to tie your business together with street theater, pursue it--it's a simple idea that could have huge payoffs. Similarly, self-advertisement can have huge benefits as well. Paint your URL across your car or company-owned vehicles and your name will be known around your local area. Be sure to park at strategic locations, such as outside TV stations, at events where there is a large amount of media coverage, or at events that tie into your business.

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