Human Billboards

Written by Linda Alexander
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The idea of human billboards is catching on in a big way in marketing. Big names have used promotional t-shirts and other clothing and accessories for years to get their brands out to highly competitive arenas, so why shouldn't you?Clothes with popular brand names or marketing slogans have only increased in popularity over the past ten years. As long as the slogans are clever or the logo is intriguing, you'll have a place in the human billboard marketing scene.

Using human billboards is also a great way to spread your marketing message to a specific group of people. You are used to seeing branded bags from your local supermarket or favorite store in the mall. Why not use your company's logo on merchandise, and let your customers be human billboards for your products?

Human Billboards--a Low-Cost Way to be Seen

Using clothing as a mobile marketing campaign is a highly visible way to build brand loyalty and it won't cost you much. Outgoing college students looking to reduce their student debt often offer to wear fake tattooed logos on their foreheads or agree to have their bodies painted with company information and parade around at sporting events. Such experiential sports marketing is not a new idea, as any die-hard fan will tell you, but companies are finally seeing the possibilities of using this type of marketing on a regular basis.

In the high-cost world of sports marketing, such mobile marketing campaigns are cost effective, particularly at games where there is local or national media coverage. Clothing and accessories are easy to design and cheap to print, and therefore are not restricted to big names anymore. Start by asking your college-aged son or daughter to see what they think!

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