Market Demographics

Written by Linda Alexander
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Using market demographics in your research and marketing efforts will pay off handsomely. They can tell you things like how well you are meeting your customers' needs, how they perceive your competitors, and what unconventional promotions might be effective on customers. Collecting data on your market demographics can be simple or complex and you should always maintain the privacy of your customers.

Types of Research to Analyze Market Demographics

You can approach market research in several ways, such as quantitative (results that are more personal in nature) or qualitative (measurable data suitable for statistical analysis). Surveys are typically designed to yield quantitative data, while focus groups product qualitative data.

Your investment in customer research is an important component in your company's success. Understanding your market demographics will help you chose cost-effective and effective marketing strategies and measure market reach. The best way to understand your customers is simply to ask them what you want to know.

Keep questioning your customers' needs and habits over time. You'll keep your customer information current and by doing so, spot new trends, enabling you to be proactive in your marketing. Any money invested in researching your demographics will go straight to your bottom line.

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