Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mobile marketing campaigns are more cost-effective than traditional below-the-line print advertising campaigns, as material costs are not an issue with the former. This allows for more personal communication and one-to-one marketing, as it is easier and quicker to change text within a digital format than it is on printed material.

Online and mobile marketing campaigns work together--not only are music, ringtones, MP3s, and images easily downloadable from the web, but websites also allow businesses to collect customer data to use for mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns: Not Just for New Technology

Nearly all new phones are equipped for short message service (SMS). Others are adding web browsing, digital photo display, rich media support, attention-grabbing sound, and high-quality graphics. Of course, these digital campaigns are not the only way to be "mobile."

Taking your message to consumers through the use of street teams, advertising on motorized vehicles, or at trade shows and other road shows is also considered mobile. Any type of movable or traveling exhibit could be called mobile marketing with the same lasting effect as other formats. When it's time for you to develop your mobile marketing campaign, consider communicating your message through various mobile media.

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