Pr Stunts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Creativity is absolutely required for successful PR stunts. Otherwise, you risk looking like a fool, or worse yet, having your stunt flop. When done correctly, PR stunts can be used to overcome a lack of advertising dollars, as they often generate a ripple effect of free publicity.

PR stunts are planned events designed to attract media attention to the promoters or their cause. They can be professionally planned or arranged by amateurs. Such stunts are a form of guerrilla marketing--a company or organization can generate a great deal of publicity without having to pay for it; plus, since it is unpaid, there is more credibility, provided the stunt works and doesn't make you the laughingstock of your local news.

Prerequisites for PR Stunts

Publicity stunts require much creativity, planning, and luck. For instance, you can have the most well-planned event in PR history, but if serious news breaks at the time of your stunt, it can draw media attention away from you. Often marketers include the media in the planning. When the media are already in on it, you can be sure to get coverage of your event.

In addition to events, press releases and press conferences also qualify as publicity stunts, especially when part of a larger guerilla marketing strategy. However, they are not as outrageous as hunger strikes or grassroots activism, so they often don't get labeled as "stunts." Use PR stunts sparingly, however; you don't want to become overexposed or a topic people joke about.

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