Sales Promotion Planning

Written by Linda Alexander
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Good sales promotion planning is a blueprint to keep you effective and help focus your promotion efforts. By outlining your activities, you will be forced to conduct a situation analysis and plan according to your budget. For effective sales promotion planning, include these steps in your overall guerrilla marketing strategy.

First, clearly define the goals for your promotion efforts. With a big-picture vision, you gain direction and can then narrow down the steps necessary to reach goals. Remember to keep them measurable and attainable. Then define individual goals for your individual projects. Do you want to educate or inform your audiences? Do you want to increase sales directly, or increase attendance to your events? In order to do so, a project goal might be to go to a given number of trade shows per year, for example. Next, who are your markets? As with all effective marketing, you must know your target market demographics in order to reach them. Equipped with this information, you will be better able to focus your sales promotion planning efforts.

Identifying Venues for Sales Promotion Planning

Think of places where your message would reach its intended audience. Your list might include trade shows, sports events, festivals, in-store demonstrations, or grand openings. You can use other guerrilla tactics such as cross-promotion, joint ventures, and partnering with other businesses to get your sales message across.

Finally, identify who will execute various parts of your plan and develop a timeline for releasing information. This will keep you organized from the beginning of your sales campaign. Even for small businesses without a detailed plan, getting an outline together is essential to the success of your overall marketing strategy.

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