On-site Activation

Written by Linda Alexander
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On-site activation of sponsorships engages audiences better than traditional methods by making them part of the event. As more and more companies support public events, they are realizing that with marketing, one size does not fit all. Layering messages according to different segments within the event's audience is proving to be far more successful than less aggressive event sponsorship promotions.

At live events, don't use passive advertising media! Customers do not interact with signs or ATMs. However, on-site activations foster experiential marketing, engrossing the brand into the event and making it more memorable to your specific target market demographics.

On-Site Activation Personalizes the Experience

Leverage the experience. At sports events, the entire audience doesn't fit one profile. For example, a car manufacturer may want to display its luxury car in the lobby of the arena. However, the fan who purchased the lowest-priced event tickets and cannot afford the car will not be exposed to cars in her price range. The fan may be offended, thinking the sponsor has no clue about her, and never consider the manufacturer's lower-priced cars.

On-site activation, on the other hand, gives a more personalized experience for fans and a more effective marketing strategy for the sponsor. By segmenting at the event, consumers are more likely to remember their interaction with the brand. Giveaways often have nothing to do with the company and often end up being given out to children, who will never purchase the product. But by layering activation and handing out samples and product information to those who will use the products, marketers will get a much larger return on their investment.

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