Sponsorship Activation

Written by Linda Alexander
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Sponsorship activation transforms your sponsorship opportunity into an integrated marketing program of its own. There's no reason to be satisfied with a generic package of benefits when you can build brand loyalty and boost sales at the same time. Successful activation will improve awareness of your brand as well as boost sales during and after the event you sponsor.

Signage, hospitality benefits, and potential media exposure come standard with event sponsorship programs. But with sponsorship activation, you can add life to your program. To liven it up, turn it into an active customer experience with your salespeople.

Examples of Sponsorship Activation

A well-advertised register-to-win sweepstakes will bring traffic to your point-of-sale at the event. It will also generate sales leads before the event as well as during it. Distribute coupons and samples at the event to encourage sales after the event. You'll build a foundation for future business with attendees/

You could also negotiate with the event organizers for a discount admission program. If people buy your product and present a proof of purchase, for example, they could receive a discounted or free admission to the program. This is often seen on soda cans for amusement park admissions--use it to your benefit for sponsorship activation. Allow your marketing team to create something unique at the event to break through the clutter of all the other attractions there, and you'll notice an immediate return on investment.

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