Street Teams

Written by Linda Alexander
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Street teams break through the clutter by pitching products in an unexpected way and advertisers have noticed this trend. Amid the sales pitches from every medium--billboards, taxis, buses, and shopping carts--traditional advertisers are finding new ways to attract attention. Guerrilla marketing tactics, no longer on the fringe, are now being used by mainstream companies.

Bringing to the mainstream tactics that have long been used by the music industry, network street teams recruit hundreds of fans and unleash them on the street, in web forums, on fansites, and e-zines to create grassroots buzz campaigns. Just a few short years ago, only cutting-edge companies and dotcom startups used these techniques. Now, established companies such as Lexus, Colgate, and KFC are utilizing fans and satisfied consumers to get the word out about their products.

Street Teams Are Only Part of the Big Picture

Unconventional marketing strategies work well. However, they are only part of the marketing mix. Companies still need to use traditional, effective marketing forms to complete their campaigns. Combining traditional and non-traditional methods creates powerful campaigns.

Street teams are also useful in jump-starting new products or established products in new regions. By directly reaching the consumer and creating buzz, street teams quickly introduce products to new audiences. Using a street team is an effective way to have an impact on the consumer, while at the same time creating a natural buzz and fostering viral marketing.

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