Unconventional Promotions

Written by Linda Alexander
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Unconventional promotions have really taken off since the first guerrilla marketing book was published. Back then, the Internet didn't even exist; neither did much of the technology used by marketers today. Here are some more ideas for creative marketing.

Do something nice that's low-cost. Handwritten cards, gift baskets, or restaurant and movie gift certificates can make all the difference to customers and prospects. Don't forget your suppliers either! Being a good person also keeps your company name in the front of their minds and encourages repeat business.

Ideas for Unconventional Promotions

Buy a hot-air balloon. You can get them custom made with your logo or colors, and even in custom shapes. Such an unusual yet beautiful item is sure to get the attention of millions. You might also consider taking your product or service and making an offshoot of it for pets--clothing, food, massage; whatever you offer your current customers is likely to be used by their pets as well.

Other unconventional promotions include writing a book about your company or a controversy it was involved in, teaming up with affiliated businesses to cross-promote your products, and becoming a specialist in a slice of your market. Use mobile marketing to spread the word about your unconventional promotions--leverage the technology of PDAs, instant messaging applications, or mobile phones to spread the word.

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