Word Of Mouth Advertising

Written by Linda Alexander
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Word of mouth advertising requires two things: a contagious product and somebody at the company who can accelerate the buzz campaigns. In order to spread the word about a product, its manufacturers have to plant the news of it in outside networks. Having one person whose sole job is to begin a word of mouth advertising campaign is a good idea; that person will be responsible for planting the seed throughout various networks and beginning to spread the word.

For word of mouth advertising to be successful, companies must have an active plan in place and take the actions necessary to create buzz. Using unexpected communication channels seems more "natural" and reaches prospects who may not be directly plugged into the usual channel. For example, an e-commerce company is expected to be online, but when they use offline methods such as seminars to create word of mouth, it gets attention.

Word of Mouth Advertising Tactics

Another guerrilla marketing idea to use is online forums. By posing as a product user, an employee can start conversations about the product with customers or prospects. Or, when creating your own web forum, encourage people to post feedback about the product and examples of how they use it in the field. You can offer incentives or rewards for posting, or put surveys up in the forum and directly ask for opinions. You'll get more than you ever wanted!

Being "out there" among your prospects is important when trying to accelerate buzz. Cocktail parties have long been arenas for gossip. This is one way to start the conversation about your products. Having a great product is not enough, but when combined with viral campaigns, your product is sure to create buzz.

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