Advertising Lead Generation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Advertising lead generation involves creating TV and radio promotional content that motivates viewers or listeners to immediately make a phone call inquiry or visit a website to find out more. These inquiries, or leads, are what the client pays for--not the airtime costs of the station. The advertising agency, or marketing company, guarantees results, or the client gets a pro-rated refund of the company's commission.

By avoiding commercial production of advertising messages, and not paying outright for spots on radio and TV, you save big bucks for repeated airings of your promotional announcement. Most campaigns are so expensive to develop, they only air a few weeks a year. Advertising lead generation through direct response cuts costs, and makes ongoing ad campaigns affordable for small or large businesses.

Commercials in English and Spanish

With great forethought, advertising agencies have developed the capability of creating promotional messages in English and Spanish. Hispanics are a rapidly growing group, and their influence in many regions--notably the Southwest and West--has been noticed by supermarkets, department/discount stores, and TV/radio stations. Don't overlook the importance of this significant market that is increasing in numbers and buying power.

The versatility of advertising lead generation companies extends to creating commercials that enable clients to advertise nationally to get exposure for their product or brand. Depending on the demographics suitable for your product, you can reach any group, age, or region in the country. Per inquiry advertising is an affordable way to get your message across to a variety of customers across the nation.

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