Cable Tv Advertising

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cable TV advertising extends exposure of commercials far beyond the scope of the three major networks. With hundreds of channels now available on cable and satellite television, these three networks capture fewer and fewer viewers every year. Off-network programs, however, are growing in popularity and viewing audience every year.

Cable TV advertising is a great way to test your commercial locally before paying to take it nationwide. The advertising agency handling your account determines the best local venue that will provide a valid idea of how effective your commercial is so it can be revised, if necessary. Per inquiry methods are employed, so you pay only for the number of calls, or leads, your ads generate.

Television Media Partners

Lead generation companies can place your ad with a multitude of cable and satellite networks: Arts & Entertainment, BET, Discovery Channel, USA Network. These and many other varied networks cover a diverse mix of audiences, any of which can be targeted for testing. If your ad is intended for the primarily young male segment of the population, the marketing company might suggest the Speed-Vision Channel, among others.

If women are the targeted market, Oxygen and Lifetime are obvious choices. Home owners? Fine Living and TV Food Network come to mind. At any rate, decisions about marketing and targeted audiences are made on a collaborative basis with the ad agency. This group of professionals has the expertise to advise on a range of cable TV advertising techniques and methods that provide complete support for every client.

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