Cpa Advertising

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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CPA advertising--cost-per-action--is one of the most cost-efficient methods of airing your commercial in any media. Cost-per-action advertising is also known as per inquiry advertising. The basis for your charges are the number of inquiries that come into your toll-free phone number at a TV or radio station as a result of the airing of your ad.

You are paying only for these inquiries, not for any other expenses of the station. This is a radically different approach than the conventional method of buying airtime from the station. Media airtime is very costly, which permits spot advertising only a few weeks out of the year even for the huge corporations, whereas your ad can run many, many times with CPA advertising.

Prepaid Expenses

A marketing company either takes your finished commercial, or produces one for you, and then distributes it to the media. You prepay the company, and the company prepays the media. With the exception of Internet advertising, results are guaranteed, meaning, you either get the number of leads you specify with CPA advertising, or you receive a pro-rated refund of the company's commission.

Your commercial will have a test run, and then can go nationwide, if that is your wish. Depending on the market analysis done by the marketing company--advertising agency--your commercial will be put on TV stations ranging from the Sci-Fi Channel to the Golf Channel. Your audience is all-important, because a properly-directed commercial will appeal to the very audience you target.

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