Cpc Advertising

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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CPC advertising--cost-per-click--lets you gather actual leads on the Internet, rather than just placing an ad on a search engine site. If you are watching your business budget, you can get exposure for your brand or your service with the affordable approach of per inquiry advertising. If you are introducing a new product, or your sales need a boost, or you have just started your own website to sell a service, CPC advertising can help.

Lead generation companies produce an ad for your site; when viewers click on your ad, they then are taken to a landing page. This page requests information, such as name, address, zip, and email address. Through this prequalification page, the viewers are then allowed into your website, where they can view more detailed information about the product, and shipping/payment options.

Reducing Costs

The marketing companies that handle CPC advertising help to reduce the costs of media advertising through their careful selection of keywords and phrases. These are the words that determine placement in search engine sites. Placement at the beginning of these sites is crucial in order to get people's attention and get as many clicks on your ad as possible.

As with per inquiry commercials for radio and television, you only pay for the number of completed forms with this advertising. These leads are what you need to generate sales. With the information you collect from the landing page, you can then better market your product because you know your audience.

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