Direct Response Tv

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Direct response TV takes advantage of two critical facts. First, of all the media, television has the most striking effect on its audience. The strong visual impact of television makes commercials that air on it costly, but highly influential. Because most households have at least one TV set, the impact affects many age groups.

Second, direct response TV can track and measure the cost effectiveness of a commercial by asking viewers to call a toll-free number, for instance. This instant feedback gives a concrete idea of just who is responding and how many are responding. This approach to advertising on TV not only lowers expenses, but provides an automatic tracking system to ascertain cost per acquisition.

Reducing the Risk

With direct response TV, you don't have to guess as to whether your commercial is appealing to the intended audience. When callers make inquiries, they can be requested to provide information that indicates their age group, for example. You immediately determine whether your ad has hit or missed the prospective consumer group.

Direct response advertising, then, cuts the risk that is inherent in traditional, conventional advertising by reducing expenses and by providing immediate feedback. Per inquiry commercials reduce the risk further by enabling the client to pay only for inquiries, which makes it possible to run a commercial any number of times without any increase in costs. If you are a budget-conscious business owner, investigate the per inquiry method of running your commercial frequently without paying for airtime.

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