Email Blast Service

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Email Blast service is a product that will improve your customer base and sales revenue through email advertising. It will also save you money when you compare the service to traditional means of advertising. Email Blast was designed by Media Labs Innovation and is powered by many other online companies.

The Internet has revolutionized the business world. Email is a general communication tool that is used heavily in businesses and households. So, advertising by email can be a powerful tool in business.

Email Blast Service Characteristics

Traditional advertising through letters, phone calls, visits, or newsletters are effective for the most part. However, they can be very costly and evasive to customers. The Email Blast service allows you to reach customers by email, which is a less personal communication tool, so customers do not feel pressured.

The Email Blast service will locate potential customers for your business on the Internet. Then emails will be sent to these customers to advertise your business and direct them to your website. You can purchase 1,000 emails for approximately $10 with Email Blast.

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