Guaranteed Advertising

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Guaranteed advertising sounds intriguing, doesn't it? It should, because what it means for a start-up or small business--even a medium-sized business--is a chance to get many airings of a commercial on radio or television. Ordinarily, such advertising would be prohibitive for most businesses because traditional approaches to running commercials involve buying airtime from the radio or TV station.

This is so expensive that the businesses that can afford to buy spots limit the airing of a commercial for budget considerations. With lead generation programs, however, you aren't paying for airtime. You only pay for the leads, or inquiries, that come in as a result of your commercial with guaranteed advertising.

For Low-Budget Businesses

There are costs involved in getting a commercial ready for airing, of course. Marketing companies that conduct per inquiry ad campaigns can write and produce a commercial for you at far below going rates. They basically direct and deal with every aspect of your relationship with the media so you do not have to become a media expert and you do not have to take valuable time away from running your business.

As for the actual airing of your commercial, however, you only pay for the leads you receive from the public. Even if your commercial airs many, many times, you do not pay for those airings. What guaranteed advertising means is that you either receive the agreed-upon number of inquiries, or you receive a refund of a pro-rated portion of the marketing company's commission. At the present time, only radio and TV advertising is guaranteed, not Internet advertising.

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