Per Inquiry Advertising

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Per inquiry advertising is a sensible gateway into regional and national advertising for most businesses, those that have a modest budget for promotions. Corporations allot a certain percentage of their large budgets to publicity, but small businesses often have no money to put into such activities other than a listing in the Yellow Pages of the phone book. Lead generation programs enable businesses of any size to advertise their products and services through pay per lead.

The advertising agencies that conduct the ad campaigns for businesses are organized to obtain the optimum cost effectiveness for you. Every phase of the development of a campaign is handled by professionals with experience in commercial production, media relations, and/or product distribution. With specialists who oversee the practical and creative facets, these agencies support you throughout the campaign so you do not have to handle anything but creative input.

Call Centers and Fulfillment Houses

Every phase of per inquiry advertising is designed for streamlined handling of the process of airing a commercial, then filling orders placed by interested customers. Call centers have over 200 regional offices that take charge of any number of calls across the nation. Your monthly billing from the advertising agency spells out all your services, including those of the call center.

Fulfillment houses oversee the actual packing and shipping of your product to customers on this continent and elsewhere in the world. Few businesses have the capability of managing all these procedures, so the fulfillment houses perform a valuable service. With per inquiry advertising, the various aspects of doing business with the public is supervised from start to finish by efficient experts.

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