Interactive Lead Generation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Interactive lead generation leads Internet users through steps that eventually permit them to enter the advertiser-client's website. In the business world, a "lead" is a potential customer who needs follow-up contact in order to make the sale. In the media, lead generation programs are those that induce a response from the TV viewers or radio listeners.

Direct response advertising for radio and television is often on a per inquiry basis, that is, the client only pays for the number of inquiries from the public, not for airtime. On the Internet, things are handled differently because of the unique structure of this medium. Usually, the client already has a website, and wants to jumpstart a product, or change ad campaigns for stronger impact.

What Happens

Good placement on search engine sites is a must in order to get good referrals. If Google, for instance, places your ad on page five of a search for "purple widgets," you will get few clicks on your ad. Getting placed on the first three pages is essential, but landing on the first page is probably critical for the largest response.

Your marketing company scrutinizes your ad for keywords and phrases that will get you good placement and the best interactive lead generation. It then creates a landing page that prequalifies potential customers by asking for information about name, address, zip, and email address. Once they have filled out the landing page, they may enter your website. Providing the requested information is counted as a lead, or inquiry, and this interactive lead generation comes about from the creative effort of the ad agency.

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