Lead Generation Systems

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lead generation systems enable marketing/advertising companies to provide comprehensive, guaranteed advertising services to their business customers. With professional development of commercials, and expert support throughout the ad campaign, these companies assist their customers from start to finish. Their goal is to be the mainstay of the campaign, and to ensure the highest level of creativity and effective communication.

A major facet of their lead generation systems is, of course, the production of a great commercial, suitable for radio or TV. A marketing company has professionals who have experience in commercial development and who start the wheels turning after discussing your goals and needs with you. For about 30 percent less than the current going rate, a company can turn out a polished commercial in English and Spanish for your product.

After the Commercial

Radio spots can be finished in 72 hours, but a full five days is preferred in order to do the best job. It is possible to complete TV spots in 14 business days, but a more satisfactory commercial can be created in three-four weeks. Next comes the testing phase, in which the commercial is given a trial-run before a more widespread campaign is undertaken.

Once the demographics are settled, and the audience determined, the marketing company then embarks on the national campaign using its lead generation systems. The company takes responsibility for delivering a copy of the commercial to every selected radio and TV station. In fact, the company handles all the dealings with the media for you, so you can keep your attention on your business.

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