Lead Generation Tools

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lead generation tools are varied and adaptable for radio or television; Internet lead generation tools are unique to that medium. First, and most important, is the production of a strong commercial based on the information the client gives to the advertising/marketing agency. The professionals at the agency need to know as much about your product and your previous promotions as possible before they begin development of an ad that showcases the product or service.

Once a TV commercial meets everyone's approval, the important test period gets underway with placement on cable TV channels. One of the best lead generation tools is cable TV advertising, and the ad is placed on these networks for at least two weeks. The number of inquiries, or leads, is carefully tracked to determine how successfully the ad has reached its intended audience.

The Campaign Begins

If the commercial is ready, a nationwide campaign is planned, if the client wishes to have such a broad base. Regions are chosen that would be appropriate; radio and TV stations are selected based on a match between their audiences and the targeted audience for the commercial. Finally, the advertising agency enters into agreements with the media about guaranteed traffic for the commercial.

This means the media guarantee a certain number of calls or inquiries from the public showing interest in the product or service in the commercial. In this per inquiry arrangement, the business client pays nothing for airtime, regardless of how many times the commercial runs, and regardless of the time placement of the airings. Payment is due only for these inquiries, which are the valuable leads that result from lead generation systems used by the advertising agency.

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