Marketing Lead Generation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Marketing lead generation commercials is the job of the experts at the advertising agency handling your account. After a commercial is produced and ready for airing on TV or radio spots, agency experts take a look at demographics and audience selection. These determine the local areas and regions that will be used for testing and gathering inquiry data.

Testing for TV and radio ads consists of a low-cost, two-week ad campaign that acts as a trial run before the commercial is given a nationwide launch. For television, the commercial runs on nationwide cable TV; radio spots run in major metropolitan areas. Crucial information is collected about the impact of the ad, as illustrated by the number of calls (leads) that come in to the announced toll-free number.

Going Nationwide

If the commercial does not draw sufficient attention in the form of leads, it will be evaluated and reworked to be more effective. If it is judged ready-to-go because of the excellent response, the commercial will then be placed on national networks and stations, according to the strategy for marketing lead generation. Media stations want proof of a commercial's appeal before they commit to airing it on a consistent basis, and this test period provides this.

Radio advertising may run on local stations, but it is placed at the national level. Currently, advertising agencies cannot position a commercial just on a local station. Television commercials can be posted on cable and satellite networks, such as Comedy Central, Court TV, and the Outdoor Life Network. Marketing lead generation strategies determine the best placement in order to get the best response.

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