Mortgage Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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It is essential that all new brokers budget money for mortgage advertising. No originator can stay afloat without proper mortgage marketing strategies, and these can constitute a significant expense. With foresight and careful planning, however, quality advertising need not be a major drain of resources.

Amidst the chaos of embarking on a new career path, many newcomers forget to budget for mortgage advertising. Consumed by the challenges of getting trained, they often forget that once out in the field, they will be responsible for finding their own business opportunities. In order to stay afloat, one must be proactive in building a customer base.

Budgeting for Mortgage Advertising
Brokers vary in the advertising techniques they favor, but all of them know that they would be lost without proper marketing. To this end, they budget carefully for mortgage advertising expenses. This begins with developing a tentative marketing plan and projecting a budget. This can be done independently or with professional guidance, but it provides a critical foundation for financial planning.

Once you have an accurate sense of your overhead expenses, you can begin to manage money accordingly. Be sure to be comprehensive in your planning so that you consider the full range of advertising tools from business cards to home mailings. As with so many things, when you plan ahead, these expenses become a manageable and routine aspect of working independently.

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