Mortgage Marketing Materials

Written by Tara Peris
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A frequent challenge for loan originators pertains to determining which mortgage marketing materials truly are needed and which are expendable. No one has money to waste these days and mortgage ad campaigns must be strategic in their design and execution. However, the task of choosing which materials stay and which go by the wayside is no simple matter.

In part, the difficulty stems from the sheer wealth of mortgage marketing materials that are available today. Although choice in this matter is clearly a good thing, it can overwhelm a novice broker easily. Moreover, it is not simply a matter of picking materials in an ad-hoc fashion, assuming that because they have worked for others they will work for you.

Mortgage Marketing Materials Must fit Your Style

Mortgage marketing materials must fit the broker. This means paying careful attention to the approach you employ and how it jives with the image you seek to project. For some originators, this will mean choosing high-tech marketing materials that create a modern, cutting edge image. For others, it may mean employing traditional approaches that convey a personal touch and down to earth appeal.

Think about the manner in which you interact with your prospects and about the image you'd like to project. Then choose your mortgage marketing materials accordingly. An incongruous pairing of broker and marketing strategy is unlikely to be effective and will be an unnecessary drain of your resources.

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