Online Lead Generation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Online lead generation is geared to the unique setup of the Internet. Although the professional approach to creating an effective ad is identical in radio, television, and the Internet, the latter requires a different format. Internet sales are mushrooming--the increase in sales volume goes up dramatically every year.

Businesses may want to tap into this lucrative market by creating an appealing website for their products, or boosting sales volume by revising their current websites. Whatever the goal, online lead generation strategies are designed to use the global reach of the Internet to benefit these businesses. With turnkey lead generation programs, advertising agencies take care of all research, development, and production aspects of creating a winning website.

Measurable Results Online

The most significant benefit of using cost per acquisition methods in advertising is the immediate feedback that tells you if your website is effective. There is no guesswork involved; if your site generates the desirable number of leads, it is getting a positive reaction. For the Internet, the advertising agency comes up with keywords and phrases that get you good placement on search engines that direct potential customers to your product.

A viewer who clicks on your ad is directed to a landing page developed by the agency. This page requests certain information determined by you to be important: name, address, age, income, home ownership. When the viewer fills out this page, this counts as a lead in the tally of online lead generation inquiries. This tally is important because the business owner pays only for leads, not, for instance, for the number of clicks on the ad.

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