Qualified Leads

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Qualified leads are determined by you, the client, according to the value of the information you receive from consumer phone calls about your advertised product. In internet advertising, for example, your leads come from the landing page after potential customers have clicked on your ad. This page requests whatever details you feel you must have to prequalify visitors to enter your website.

Perhaps you want to know--besides name and address--about home ownership, credit card details, or the existence of a checking account. Keep in mind that the more data you require, the more costly each piece of data becomes. In other words, 10 qualifying factors will make each lead cost more than two factors per lead.

Getting Good Leads

In per inquiry advertising, good leads are the ultimate goal for the care that goes into creating a strong ad campaign. What constitutes a good lead is fixed by you when you provide information to the ad agency about your product, your previous promotions, and your intended audience. With this information as a foundation, the agency begins to mold an effective commercial that will elicit the leads you want from the customers you want.

The importance of the qualifying factors is that only these count as qualified leads, and in pay per lead advertising, you are only charged for eligible inquiries. You don't pay for airtime or the number of times your ad runs on radio or television. Per inquiry advertising is results-oriented, and you pay for what you get--qualified leads.

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