Radio Ad Costs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Radio ad costs are listed upfront by advertising agencies that manage per inquiry advertising campaigns. This transparency makes it easy for business clients to see exactly the services and prices that are involved. You can either submit your own radio script or have the ad agency write one for your commercial.

Either way, the cost will be considerably below the going rate and will cost only a few hundred dollars for an expertly-produced commercial. When the script is finished, it is emailed to you for convenience. You can get 15-, 30-, or 60-second, professional radio spots at an affordable cost, in English or Spanish.

Time Frames

If your completed script is used by the agency, production can be finished in 24 hours, and the cost is $399. If the agency needs to also write the commercial, it can still be finished in 72 hours, but a full business week will yield a more polished commercial. Radio ad costs are as low as $499 per spot when the agency writes, produces, edits, and distributes it.

This is for a one-voice commercial; if two voices are desired, the cost is $799. If you want to air variations of your basic commercial, each with a different phone number, the price is just $50. For very little outlay of funds, then, an appealing commercial can be developed and produced for competitive radio ad costs.

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