Radio Advertising Agencies

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Radio advertising agencies are staffed by experts who act as an umbrella group for an ad campaign. These professionals create and oversee the campaign beginning with your commitment to lead generation services. You, of course, know your business better than anyone else, but you may not be aware of the ins-and-outs of the advertising business.

The job of radio advertising agencies is to get your compelling commercial on the air and to manage all aspects of your relationship with the media. Initially, there are discussions in which your input is essential, as the staff listens to your goals and wishes. The professionals need to know as much as possible about your product or service, previous promotions, and your intended audience.

Marketing Your Commercial

When the commercial is ready, the crucial testing period begins with placement of your ad on radio stations in major metropolitan areas. This two-week time frame provides all-important information about the strength of the ad. Are any inquiries coming in? Is the targeted audience responding?

Fortunately, the per inquiry approach used by radio advertising agencies means you are only charged for the number of inquiries, or leads, that are phoned in by interested customers. It doesn't matter if your radio spots are broadcast 1,000 times, you only pay for the actual phone calls that come in as a result of your ad. Once this testing period is over, the commercial can be edited and revised, if necessary, before it is presented nationwide.

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