Radio Commercial Production

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Radio commercial production actually begins with detailed conversations among the participants: writers, production experts, and the business client. At this point, you, the client, take the lead by providing vital information to the others. They must acquaint themselves with your product or service, consider the best approach to creating a good commercial, and see if this approach meshes with your objectives.

Once everyone is in agreement, writers come up with a script, and the radio commercial production is completed, possibly within 72 hours, but preferably within five days. The longer session would offer more time to create a polished commercial. Finally, when the commercial is air-ready, radio advertising agencies take care of distributing it to compatible stations and making the per inquiry agreements with station management.

Radio Audiences

Your ad can be aired over 4,100 metropolitan, suburban, and rural radio stations nationwide. The commercial is broadcast on local stations, but must be placed at the network level. If you wish, your ad can be placed in your region, that is, in your state and in the states that surround yours.

Depending on your targeted audience, you might place your ad on sports radio, or on the very popular talk radio shows. Maybe your product is ideal for children's programming. When the mandatory two-week test period is successfully ended, your radio commercial production agency takes advantage of the varied categories of radio broadcasting to zero in on the most promising audiences for your product and your commercial.

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