Radio Spots

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Radio spots are as varied as the products they advertise. Typically, radio spots are 15, 30, or 60 seconds, but they certainly can be longer if the client has a special situation. In per inquiry advertising, duration of the commercial is not as important as it is in traditional arrangements in which time placement and amount of airtime determine costs.

A radio production can be done in English and Spanish, which expands the customer base tremendously because of the continuous increase in Spanish-speaking groups. Almost any type of product or service can be publicized effectively with radio advertising: educational courses and degrees, pet stores, cell phone companies, recreational activities. Commercials can be geared toward various audiences, from those who listen to alternative stations to those who favor contemporary rock stations.

The Audience Reigns

Anyone would think it ludicrous to try to sell pet food to someone who doesn't have pets, or brake services to someone who doesn't own a car! This is what it means to pinpoint the appropriate audience for your commercial. You avoid talking to an uninterested group, and you avoid the "coals to Newcastle" syndrome. Instead, you bring your message to those inclined to listen and to buy.

Advertising agencies that are expert at developing radio spots can ascertain the best audiences for your product or service. Their experience tells them the most favorable groups of consumers for your message. The goal is to encourage as many inquiries as possible in response to an exciting commercial.

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