Sales Prospecting

Written by Tara Peris
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Sales prospecting refers to the process by which a large number of leads are distilled down a smaller number which hold real promise. It is central to the success of many small business operations, and it is an easy art form to master for those willing to invest the time. The trick is to keep an open mind, and to discard many of the false beliefs about sales prospecting that have made it seem like a questionable practice.

Sales prospecting often gets a bad rap. This is because a number of inaccurate accounts of how it works continue to circulate. People will often tell you that sales prospecting or database marketing are all about the numbers. That is, the more people you get in to your database, the more people you can call.

What You Should Know About Sales Prospecting
This implies that sales prospecting is all about cold calling or haphazard sales techniques. This is not true. Sales prospecting seeks to pair the best potential client with the best product, so that calls are placed more strategically. Moreover, calls are guided by the use of a carefully developed script.

A well-chosen customer and the right script can set you up for success. You can organize your ideas and your pitch so that they are compelling, and you can be sure that you are appealing to someone who might actually have an interest in your product.

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