Selling Mortgages

Written by Tara Peris
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Selling mortgages requires a great deal more than a simple understanding of debt consolidation or interest rates. Brokers who really excel in sales know that their success has as much to do with social skills as financial wizardry. Those with excellent interpersonal skills and well-honed powers of persuasion have an edge no one can broach.

When it comes to selling mortgages, it helps a great deal to have the best quote on the market. We should all be so lucky! The reality is, there's only so much you can do to account for a client's financial record. A mortgage price might be more than a client was hoping to spend, but still represent a very good offer.

How to Approach Selling Mortgages
It is for these reasons that it pays to approach selling mortgages from a different perspective. As your quote may not be what lures them, it is important to develop other skills that foster a sense of commitment between you and your prospects. That is, you want your clients to trust you enough and like you enough to choose your services, regardless of the appeal of the quote.

Admittedly, this won't work if your rates are considerably higher than those of the competition. However, all other things being equal, a client is likely to go with someone she trusts rather than someone merely conducting a business transaction. Strive to develop warmth and sensitivity in your professional interactions and it will make selling mortgages infinitely easier.

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