Small Business Marketing

Written by Tara Peris
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Small business marketing draws on the same principles that guide big business operations, with a few key exceptions. Most of these pertain to how resources are managed, with a recognition that smaller businesses may be constrained when it comes to the leads they pursue. The goal is to use limited resources wisely, and to stretch them so that they go the distance.

Small business marketing is similar in approach to what you find with larger companies. You must plan your strategy carefully and pursue leads aggressively. Resources must be managed judiciously and directed toward the most fruitful opportunities.

Successful Small Business Marketing
These tenets hold true for any business. However, when you run a smaller business, you may have to draw on additional techniques of small business marketing. In particular, the smaller the company, the more reliant they will be on sales to stay afloat. This in turn increases the need for techniques such as sales prospecting.

These techniques help make sure that limited resources are used wisely. Business and mailing lists are analyzed and only the promising candidates are pursued. This in turn, makes sure that employees put their efforts where they count, and calls and mailings pay off more frequently. Although all businesses may benefit from approaches such as these, for smaller operations, they may be essential to survival.

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