Targeted Email Advertising

Written by Jill Morrison
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Targeted email advertising is a tool for generating new business leads. Without the continual generation of new leads, sales and productivity in your business are likely to drop. Email advertising is a quick and efficient way to generate interest about your company.

You can find leads on your own by employing various traditional contacting strategies. Many businesses choose to contact customers by phone, visit, letter, or newsletter. You can also advertise your business at trade shows or by handing out business cards to people who show interest.

Characteristics of Targeted Email Advertising

Targeted email advertising is currently the most productive way to generate new leads in the business world. The Internet offers so much information and is commonly used in households and businesses. Email is a great communication tool because you can contact the customer directly, yet the method is less personal, so customers feel more comfortable.

When you purchase from a targeted email advertising service, the company will first get to know you and your business. A target customer list will be created from categories such as age, credit, lifestyle, and income. After the list is created, emails will be sent to potential clients so you can advertise your business.

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