Targeted Email Marketing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Targeted email marketing is valuable in improving the sales and stability of a company. The service will help you to generate new leads and contact them by email. Without the continual creation of new leads, sales and productivity for your company are likely to drop.

Of course, you can generate your own new leads by traditional means. You can send letters, make calls, make visits, or even create your own newsletter to generate interest. You may also want to attend trade shows and conferences to further market your product.

Characteristics of Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to generate and contact new business leads. The Internet provides access to all types of people and information. Email is a less personal way to communicate, so customers are likely to be more receptive to an email as opposed to a visit or phone call.

A targeted email marketing service will first ask you questions about your business and goals. A target list will be generated from categories that you choose such as income, credit, age, or lifestyle. The service will then designate a contact list and send emails with information about your company to potential clients.

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